Consulting & Planning & Developing

Consulting & Planning & Developing

Geehaus has international and multicultural resources available to carry out professional consulting assignments. Such as exploring new avenues and opportunities, giving our valued clients the necessary competitive to be a trend setter and leader in the industry.

Our architectural team are well versed in a variety of design styles from modern to classic with a keen eye for details and practicality, streamlined to suite your budget requirements and cooperate standards.

We can assist in the continuous development of your standards - proposing new lines with a creative and open mind, addressing today’s business requirements and client/guest expectations.



Consulting & Planning & Developing assignments cover but are not limited to:


  • Analysis of existing conditions
  • Review of business opportunities
  • Proposals for pragmatic, practical and tailor made solutions
  • Design impressions and proposals
  • Architectural drawings
  • Time line planning
  • Logistics
  • Impact
  • Costs
  • Benefits
  • Review of existing standards
  • Creation of new standards and products
  • Upgrades of existing products
  • Developing corporate identities

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