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Windows Product-2

Product Code :HWP002

Profile width : 80 mm
Number of cubicles : 6
Profile class : B Class (TS 5358 - EN 12608)
Gasket system : 3-gasket system; outer, inner and medium gaskets
Gasket type/ color : TPE – Gray / Black
Glass thickness (mm)      : 24, 30, 36, 44


Main profiles are of 80 mm in width.

Its 6-cubicle profiles offer a high level of heat and sound insulation.

Nirvana profiles possess a low heat transmission value (*Uf=1,18 W/m²K). It allows the use of three-glass units of 44 mm (Ug=0,6-0,7 W/m²K). The heat transmission value of the Nirvana series windows applied with this type of glass will be Uw=0,99 W/m²K and, provides an outstanding level of heat insulation (*: calculated value).

Due to the gray and clack stainless elastic gaskets used in the system, it provides a high level of air, water, sound and dust insulation.

Its three-gasket system including the outer, inner and medium gaskets contributes to the heat and sound insulation and, protects the equipment used for the sash opening against corrosion making them long lasting.

It is a series with a specially designed meeting rail profile providing high resistance against the wind load at upper floors.

Its sash profile is of self-drainage offering an aesthetic look. The self-drainage section is not included in the measurement of 80 mm. The profile measurement will be 90 mm with this section added.

It increases the glass section due to the optimized door profile height allowing spacious locations.

In addition to white, there are laminated profiles with 17 different colors and patterns.

Due to its specially designed rails, it allows eye-catching, aesthetic joints between the profile and the glass.

There are rails allowing the use of double-glass, three-glass and panels of 24-30-36-44 mm in width.

A frame profile with self-casing system provides a visual integrity in the inner surface and the joints between the wall and the joinery.

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