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Product Code :MP042
Description Item No. Color Dimension (mm) CBM Remark 
Simple bed CP1409B-153200-P02/78# Mountain grey Mattress size: 1530*2000 KD 1,260   
HA 1,443 
Simple bed CP1409B-180200-P02/78# Mountain grey Mattress size: 1800*2000 KD 1,414   
HA 1,639 
Simple bed CP1604B-10-150200-134#/V36EX Timber Tobacco/Grey-134# 2195*1762*1000 KD 0,787  Bed with bedslat
HA 0,975 
Simple bed CP1604B-10-180200-134#/V36EX Timber Tobacco/Grey-134# 2195*2062*1000 KD 0,896  Bed with bedslat
HA 1,126 
Night stand CP1409H-V36EX/P04 Timber Tobacco/High Gloss Avorio 600*395*450 KD 0,058  Soft closing
AS 0,160 
Mirror CPMR23-V36EX Timber Tobacco 1100*750*25 AS 0,069   
Dresser CP1409C-V36EX/P04 Timber Tobacco/High Gloss Avorio 1200*450*796 KD 0,195  Soft closing
AS 0,544 
Tallboy CP1409A-V36EX/P04 Timber Tobacco/High Gloss Avorio 800*450*1200 KD 0,197  Soft closing
AS 0,569 
Wardrobe CP1409W-V36EX/P02 Timber Tobacco/High Gloss Avorio 2400*611*2200 KD 0,885   
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