Steel Doors


Product Code :STD001


The frames are made of 1.5 mm steel profile in accordance with the steel door production and assembly standards. At security points, this size reaches a thickness of 3.5 mm. The frame structure is capable of gripping the wall so that there is no gap between the frame and the wall. Our production is made on-site and with special measurements for each door.


The door strippers are from 1.5 mm thick profile, reaching 6.5 mm thickness at security points. The inside of the wing is supported with 0.70 mm sheet metal.


All metal parts look like wood with the desired coating. The cold look and texture of the metal has been transformed into an aesthetic and warm appearance by using 8mm wood in the case and 8mm wood on the wing.


For the wing insulation, heat sound insulation material is used between the inner wing sheet and the outer surface covering furniture.


Sound, heat, dust and insect insulation is provided with the insulation and sealing quality.


The method, which is the healthiest mounting system in the door assembly and welded to the steel shafts or wall mounted between each brick on the wall, is used. With this system, it is ensured that the assembled door forms an integrity with the wall. As a result of the use of welding system on the doors, the need for service throughout the life has been eliminated by ensuring that the balance of the door is integrated with the wall.


The only component that needs service in our doors is the lock system. The warranty period for the lock system is 5 years. Our doors are guaranteed for a lifetime, except for the locking system, hard impacts and scratches.


The locking system was adjusted to two-turn turning and the problem of breaking encountered in the third round was eliminated.


Lock cylinders are protected from outside by hardened steel armor against piercing and cutting.


The locks are the system called as 3-turn monoblock lock (top lock hook) in the middle and top as a standard. Optionally, a security lock, which is called central, enables locking the door from 13 points with a single key.


180 degree binoculars and door handles made of quality material are used as standard on the doors. Different color and type of accessories are applied optionally.

ST-01 : 

Height : 205 cm 

Width : 106 cm 

Glass Type : Without Glass 

Model: Steel Door 

Depth 24 cm 

Opening Direction : Right 

Wing Thickness : 70 mm 

Case Size : 24 cm 

Hinge : Available 

Have a lock 

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