Melamine Doors


Product Code :MEL001


Melamine used in the production of melamine doors is an organic compound. It is an industrial chemical substance used in the production of plastic materials. Melamine boards are formed by applying this material on MDF with heat. These plates are used in the production of melamine doors. Melamine door models and colors vary according to the panels used.


Melamine door surfaces do not require paint. It is colorful and self-patterned according to its models. Interior doors can be produced in desired sizes as room and WC doors. It is also possible to produce melamine doors as double wings in the desired width.


Wood-looking melamine doors are more economical than other door models. Thanks to its wood patterns, it adds a real wood look to the door. Melamine doors are easy to clean, hygienic and decorative. It is easy to assemble. Its resistance to sunlight, scratches and impacts is higher than other door types. It is long-lasting.


Melamine door models are suitable for indoor use in all areas. If it is desired to increase the soundproofing and flame-resistant properties of such doors, the materials used in production differ.

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