Lacquer Doors


Product Code :LQD001


In essence, lacquer is a type of chemical furniture polish. It attracts attention with its bright nature. In addition, it can be colored or colorless. Lacquer polish application is highly preferred because it can be done very easily. Being that simple and effective at the same time makes it stand out more. Because lacquer gives a simple piece of wood a smooth and shiny appearance, giving that simple piece a wonderful look. In this functional state, lacquer is used in classic doors, classic or modern furniture or accessories.


The door can be designed by processing on lacquer, natural wood or raw MDF panel. Lacquered classic doors can be used in all interior spaces. Room doors or bathroom and toilet doors can also be selected from lacquered door models. Among the alternatives you can choose, you can always come across with flat or glass, patterned or non-patterned, single-leaf or double-wing door models. There is no restriction in this sense. Everything depends on your subjective tastes and choices.

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