Laminated Doors


Product Code :LAM011


These doors, which are developed using the latest technology against increasing noise pollution, can be easily installed.


Recently, the usage area of ​​the laminate material, which has grown rapidly, has recently been used in door systems. Since the case is made entirely of special material, the doors are protected from impacts and external factors. These doors, which are produced to withstand high pressure, are extremely robust and safe. It is also safe against burning. In these door systems made of special materials, events such as breaking never occur. It also contributes to you in terms of acoustics. It adds a very pleasant and elegant atmosphere to the spaces with modern touches. These doors, which have a very wide color cartel and decorative possibilities, are frequently preferred recently. Thanks to its adjustable feature, it can be easily installed in all places. Installation process is very easy.

It is possible to see it on these doors, especially in hospitals, dormitories and hotels. We frequently come across laminate doors with sand and stone patterns, fancy patterns, aluminum veneers and metal surfaces.


These door systems, for which you have a wide choice of choice, are addressed to every taste and every style. You can have one of these doors with a rich color and pattern chart and add a stylish atmosphere to your homes.


These door systems, which are protected against impacts, have many different models due to their wide usage areas. There are models with and without glass according to their usage areas. Laminate doors, which are also used as apartment doors, are generally non-glass and flat models. Glass laminate doors are generally used in apartments and companies.

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